Educational Therapy

I tailor one-on-one interventions that address the underlying causes of learning differences. This method targets the root of the learning difference rather than repeating an ineffective learning strategy as academic tutoring sometimes does. The goal of educational therapy is to create competent, independent, and confident learners by using academic remediation, cognitive therapy, and executive functioning training. Students will gain mastery in cognitive skills and academic skills in order to find success in the classroom. 


 A language-based processing learning disability that affects a learner’s ability to write.


A processing learning disability that affects a learner’s underlying mathematical understanding.


 A language-based processing learning disability that affects a learner’s ability to read.

Executive Functioning and ADHD

Weakness in the self-managing area of the brain. Challenges may include attention, memory, organization, and time management.

NVLD (non-verbal Learning disorder)

A brain-based learning disorder that affects abstract thinking and spatial relationships.

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Consultation Services


Have you recently had neuropsychology testing completed for your learner? Are you thinking about having your child assessed for a learning disability? Are you unsure of the next steps for your learner? Set up an Educational Discovery Call to discover the next steps.

Independent educational evaluation

IEE stands for independent educational evaluation. This is a service provided by the public school system. It allows parents and guardians to seek a secondary outside opinion from a qualified professional.  Megan Gilmore Consulting conducts academic achievement testing for an IEE. The results are written in a report and provided to the parents, school district, and anyone else a part of the child’s educational team.

Teacher Talks


Do you have students in your class that have learning challenges? Are you confused about how to best serve these learners? Do you need tips, teaching strategies, and ideas for creative ways to teach the variety of learners in the classroom? Schedule a Teacher Talk a call today.

Professional Development 

It can be life-changing for students who have learning challenges to be understood. If you would like to learn more about how the brain processes information that your student is learning, this is the place for you! Professional development is hands-on, interactive, and applicable to current events in the classroom. 

Professional Development can be delivered in-person or online. 


Areas of Professional Development:

Language-based Processing Disorders

Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities 

Executive Functioning and How to Support in the Classroom

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

How to Balance the Learning Diversity in the Classroom 

How to Accommodate Learning Diversity in the Classroom

Bridge to Learning 

Is your child attending a private school and struggling with academics? Private schools can be wonderful environments for learners emotionally, but they can be difficult due to the academic pressures. One way to support your child is to bridge the gap between the information as it is presented in the classroom and how your child processes that information. Megan Gilmore Consulting offers a Discover Your Child’s Learning screening and learning plan. This service will help deepen your and the school’s understanding of how your child is processing information. Additionally, you and your school will be offered a learning plan with strategies to best facilitate your child’s learning.

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