01. Educate 

It is my desire to educate others on how different brains process information differently. Not every brain is wired to process information the same. When the brain is wired differently, traditional learning strategies may not effectively promote learning . When we know and understand these differences, our students will find success.

02. empower

When we understand how the brain is processing information, we can use that information to empower others to maximize their academic potential. There are strengths to every perceived academic weakness. This knowledge and understanding can empower and change a learner’s life.

03. Transform

Education can be transformed by learning about how the brain can process information differently. With this understanding teaching becomes more diverse in order to meet the needs of the variety of learners. A learner’s life can be transformed by understanding how their brains are processing information. With intervention and understanding transformation is possible.


I have always had a heart for helping others. It seemed natural for me to become a teacher. I jumped into my first year teaching half-day kindergarten and the other half of the day working with English Language Learners. It was during my first year I quickly realized that my college courses did not fully teach me about learners and how each brain processes information differently. Over the course of my eight years in the classroom, I was drawn to the students that learned differently. This led me to pursue my Master’s in Education of Exceptional Students along with my Certification in Educational Therapy and Certificate in Dyslexia. Since receiving my Master’s and certifications I have been practicing Educational Therapy and Consultation.  It is my desire to educate, inform, empower, and transform students, parents, and teachers about the brain that learns differently.


What We Do Best

Professional Development

Hands-on and tailored learning experience

Gaining a better understanding of learning disabilities and how best to teach those learners

Educational Therapy

Hands-on and tailored learning experience

Gain a better understanding of learning disabilities and how best to teach those learners


IEE stands for independent educational evaluation. This is a service provided by the public school system. It allows parents and guardians to seek a secondary outside opinion from a qualified professional.

Teacher Talks

Helping classroom teachers better understand how brains process differently

Assisting in creating classrooms to reach all learners

Cognitive therapy and executive functioning training

Tailored one-on-one therapy sessions targeting Executive Functioning challenges and strengthening areas of cognition.


Answering questions from parents, teachers, and professionals about learning, cognition, and how best to support those that learn differently

As a parent with a student that struggles with reading, writing, math, focusing/attention I feel like this statement “specially designed instruction” gets falsely thrown around a lot in the public education system. Megan executes and over-delivers the true definition of “specially designed instruction” for our student. I have spent too many sleepless nights while holding my breath for four years hoping, praying, and dreaming of the day when progress will be made… Megan working with us saved not only our student but the whole family. Megan has amazing communication, no question is off the table, and her experience to suggest different strategies is remarkable. Megan knows what does and doesn’t work because of her years of experience.

Our student struggled to master sight words in a SpEd classroom and at home with grouping for 4 years. Megan took an out-of-box approach and the sight words are now clicking. Megan picked up on some red flags, supported us in finding the correct evaluation/intervention, and continues to support our student with her needs. Our student has struggled with focus/attention/frustration when something is difficult or doesn’t know it. Megan comes up with fun, creative, systematic ways that our student can learn the information to be successful in and out of the classroom while building confidence. Our student would NOT be where she currently is without Megan’s support each week. There are no words to describe the high regard we hold for Megan.


Mother of 4th Grader

“We live overseas and have been homeschooling for three years. Usually, we are able to have our kids assessed each year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the assessment never happened. 

I felt like my children were struggling and I could not pinpoint what it was on my own. Megan stepped in, assessed the kids, and gave us a game plan we can all thrive on even though we are oceans apart!

Since we started meeting with Megan, my kids have already shown improvements in the areas they were struggling with. My favorite part is that my kids count down the hours till their next session with Miss Megan. I love hearing them laugh while working with her. I am so thankful for Megan and the services she is providing for our family. 


Mother of 1st and 3rd Grader

Megan Gilmore Consulting has truly been “The Secret Sauce” to my child’s success!

Over one year ago I was almost desperate enough to think I would never see my child be interested in or reading on his own. I was completely lost on knowing how to help my son, but once I spoke with Megan I had hope.

Now, after working with Megan, he loves to read and is found curled up with a book often. Megan has not only helped my son academically but also mentally as well. Joy and confidence are now present when we approach school work!

You will never regret having your child under the amazing care of Megan!


Mother of 4th grader