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Understand your child’s learning and next steps

Does your child learn differently? Do you wonder how they are processing information? I can help you better understand how your child is working with the information and learning strategies presented to them. From that information, I can help create a learning plan to best help you and your educator work with your child.


Building your child’s critical thinking skills and bridging the academic gaps

I tailor one-on-one interventions that address the underlying causes of learning differences. This method targets the root of the learning difference rather than repeating an ineffective learning strategy as academic tutoring sometimes does. The goal of educational therapy is to create competent, independent, and confident learners by using academic remediation, cognitive therapy, and executive functioning training. Students will gain mastery in cognitive skills and academic skills in order to find success in the classroom.

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From Our Founder

Every brain learns differently

One of my favorite quotes is from George Evens, “Every student can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way.” Everyone is different and unique. When brains are wired differently the approach to learning needs to be different. My desire is to educate, inform, empower, and transform students, parents, and teachers with an understanding of how different brains can process learning differently.

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